Healer Healing: an Innovative and Responsible International Program


From December 2019, when the outbreak of a new Corona Virus was first identified in Wuhan, China, until March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic, COVID-19 required less than 4 months to rush the world and occupy human being. Millions of people are still suffering from this disease or are involved with it.

During these months the caregivers, including physicians, nurses and other staff have shouldered so much mental and physical burdens, whereas they were supposed to serve the patients and there was no effort to support themselves. Unfortunately, national health services have not care enough to support their personals, especially for psychosocial issues and among developing countries.

Healer Healing is an international online program aimed at finding a way to reduce healer’s distress; improving empathy, compassion and relational skills; focusing on mental health, especially avoiding Major Depressive Disorder and suicide; improving decision making and reasoning skills and prioritizing emphasis on communication capabilities over medical techniques; planning for a long-term schedule to come in the face of possible future other crises; providing more options for receiving psychosocial services; using online services instead of limited local ones; benefiting from more and more capable professionals; and improving self-care skills.

Currently, a specialized team is working on the content and structure of this project and, to be more precise, its infrastructure. Several focus group sessions have been held with the aim of need assessment with the participation of international experts, and it is hoped that this program will be able to start working in the spring of 2021.