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Iran and Germany Hold an International Short-term Psycho-Oncology Course


Psychosomatic Medicine and Psycho-Oncology Alliance is the result of more than a decade of joint scientific activity between the Department of Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy of the University of Freiburg, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Danesh-e-Tandorosti. Holding 5 international conferences, various training courses in Iran and Germany in the form of summer schools, post-doctoral psychosomatic courses with a joint degree between Iran and Germany and the approval of three training projects with the German Academic Exchange Institute (DAAD) are the most important achievements of this alliance.

The latest project approved by DAAD was to develop a Psycho-Oncologic educational curriculum in Iran that continues from 2019 to 2022 and was approved in collaboration with Ala Cancer Prevention and Control Center (Macsa), which is the largest NGO active in the field of supportive and palliative care in Iran.

The first step was “International Conference and Symposium on Psycho-Oncology” which held on 7-9th July 2019 in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. The second step is “International Short-term Psycho-oncology Course” which is steel ongoing. Due to pandemic conditions, it was not possible to hold classes in person. However, the organizers did not give up and launched this course with the presence of more than twenty participants and several international instructors by utilizing an online platform and using new virtual methods.

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