One day "Somatoform Disorders" seminar in Isfahan, Iran


On April 10, 2018, "Somatoform Disorders" seminar was held in Noor Hospital, Isfahan, Iran. The holders of the seminar hosted Professor Dr. Lahman, Professor Dr. Scheidt, Professor Dr. Afshar, and Dr. Goli who shared latest views on biomedical, psychotherapeutic, and transcultural approaches in treating somatoform disorders. "Somatoform disorders and functional somatic symptoms", "Communication skills diagnosis of somatoform disorder", "The current situation of psychosomatic disorders in Iran", and “The mimetics of somatoform disorders: A cultural case study" were the titles discussed in the seminar. A live interview was also role-played which showed the relevant content and the form of effective doctor–patient relationship in interviewing with people with somatoform disorders. 200 psychologists, general practitioners, psychiatrists, neurologists, and interested people from other majors participated in this seminar. In this seminar, the scene for conducting shared research projects were also set.