Effects of a Continuous and Periodic Aerobic Exercise Rehabilitation Program on Depression and Anxiety in Hypertension Patients


  • Hafidh l. AI-Sadi
  • Taha Al-Haili
  • Abdelelah Alshukri
  • Tawfeeq Alghazali
  • Ahmed Abdulateef Sabti
  • Samir Abdulhasan Jasim


Depression, Anxiety, Aerobic exercise, Hypertension


Background: Depression and anxiety can lead to a variety of diseases and increase the risk of developing hypertension (HTN). The current study was conducted with the aim to assess the effects of a continuous and periodic aerobic exercise rehabilitation program on depression and anxiety in patients with HTN.

Methods: The research method was quasi-experimental and simple random sampling was used. The statistical population included 139 individuals. The selected 60 patients were divided into 2 groups, continuous and periodic aerobic exercise. These patients took part in the trial twice, 3 times a week, for 16 weeks. The Costello-Comrey‎ Anxiety and Depression Scales with acceptable validity and reliability were used to assess the subjects' anxiety and depression before and after the training. Data were analyzed using independent and paired t-test in SPSS statistical software. Additionally, ANCOVA was used to investigate depression and anxiety parameters in greater detail.

Results: According to the t-test results, continuous and intermittent exercise programs significantly reduced the patient's anxiety and depression (P < 0.01). In contrast, the results of ANCOVA revealed no significant difference in anxiety and depression improvement between the 2 exercise groups (P > 0.05). Furthermore, in group A, the dissatisfaction component changed the most (16.4%), while the body factor changed the least (4.4%). In group B, the dissatisfaction component (16.7%) changed the most, while the behavioral factor (5.2%) changed the least.

Conclusion: Both continuous and intermittent aerobic exercise programs can assist individuals with HTN in reducing anxiety and depression.




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AI-Sadi, H. l. ., Al-Haili, T. ., Alshukri, A. ., Alghazali, T. ., Sabti, A. A. ., & Jasim, S. A. . (2022). Effects of a Continuous and Periodic Aerobic Exercise Rehabilitation Program on Depression and Anxiety in Hypertension Patients. International Journal of Body, Mind and Culture, 9(4), 323-334. Retrieved from https://ijbmc.org/index.php/ijbmc/article/view/404



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