Intelligent Patient Education: Saving Time and Increasing Nurses Efficiency


  • Rafat Rezapour-Nasrabad Assistant Professor, Department of Management, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran



Patient education, Electronic, Nursing, Intelligent


Background: Patient education completes value chain process in presenting therapy and care services to patients. Thus, it is necessary to use the latest technologies in patients' education. The present study aims to design an educational software to provide the verified scientific, educational and care data of the patients.

Methods: The software is performed in three stages: 1- Formation of databases including the nursing care based on the latest educational and care standards 2- Design an intelligent software to present care education based on nursing process 3- For pilot study, the relevant software is installed on some systems and it is used in at least three hospitals.

Results: The mentioned software presents valuable data in accordance to the needs of patients. Some of the advantages of this software include: Customization of education as their reading is easier; Simplicity of use with software can increase the availability of data for the patients; This software helps the nurses to guide the patients to receive the trainings in each stage of care process. 

Conclusion: Implementation of intelligent education system of patient reduces the frequency of visit to health centers and unnecessary admissions and this effectiveness cost of this system can save time and energy of disabled patients and increase the efficiency of nurses.


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