Exposed to Extreme Psychological Stress during the Corona Crisis; Qualitative Metasynthesis of Chinese Research on the Psychological Burden of Medical Treatment Personnel


  • Ulrich Sollmann Dipl. re. soc. Body Pschotherapist, Guest Professor at Shanghai Univesity of Political Science and Law (SHUPL)
  • Cui Feihuan Psychiatrist, Peking Medical Union Hospital, Beijing, China



The Covid-19 virus crisis is related to virology, medicine, politics, economy, lockdown, the constitution, masks, the future, and short-time work. But what about the mental health of the medical practitioners on the frontline? Experiences and research in China provide not only an insight into the almost superhuman medical performance, but also the most extreme mental stress and strain of these same practitioners. Some of the key conclusions derived from these studies may be of interest to practitioners in other countries.


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Sollmann, U., & Feihuan, C. (2021). Exposed to Extreme Psychological Stress during the Corona Crisis; Qualitative Metasynthesis of Chinese Research on the Psychological Burden of Medical Treatment Personnel. International Journal of Body, Mind and Culture, 8(2), 78-84.



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