(Self-) Experience and (Self-) Support as a Body Psychotherapist in the Time of Corona: An Essay

Self-experience Self-support Corona


  • Ulrich Sollmann
    Dipl. re. soc. Body Pschotherapist, Guest Professor at Shanghai Univesity of Political Science and Law (SHUPL), Germany
Vol 8, No 2: 2021
Theoretical Study(ies)
February 17, 2021
May 18, 2021


The essay mirrors the process of self-experience of a German body-psychotherapist who came into contact with the corona crisis already in the beginning of January 2020. The author`s close virtual communication with colleagues in China by social media opened up a process of mutual experience and support on body oriented and psychological crisis counselling. This process challenged both: the Chinese colleagues and and the author in the way that one had to find a way, a relationship and a (self-) support to navigate without a compass, without a best practice just like living in a dense fog. The author decided to choose the literary form of an essay to invite interested readers to take part as if they were "part of the game". The author is convinced that this literary form is the adequate form to communicate such an experience in such a strange and scary time. The author is also convinced that this form is the adequate professional response in order not to create the impression of "we know what it is all about and we know what is to be done".

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