Practice and Method of Ethics II


  • Ulrich Sollmann
    Body Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, Guest Professor, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL), Höfestr, Germany, Germany
Vol 7, No 3: 2020
Theoretical Study(ies)
April 10, 2023


The discussion about ethics in the psychotherapeutic field is increasingly broadened by the necessity to not only develop ethical guidelines, but also to deal with their application and implementation in a very concrete way. This article is not about processing and presenting individual ethics cases, but rather about describing the necessity of such a practice context  and underlining the structure of a relevant procedure as a necessary component of ethics in the psychotherapeutic field. The article shows successful structures and practice of ethics by means of concrete examples. It extends the study of ethics in the psychotherapeutic field to the management of ethics in relation to the respective psychotherapeutic organization. Especially the application, the structure of the procedure and the practice of ethics bring the occupation of ethics  as a method into the focus of the discourse. Ethics as a method is not to be handled arbitrarily, but as a process of discourse, an arrangement, and a joint coordination of relevant plausibilities in the respective therapeutic organization as well as in the psychotherapeutic field.



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